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title card four friends.jpg

tone and look

i want this shot as a typical comedy.  A good example is

crazy ex-girlfriend .

These characters and the town are stagnating, and i

want the camera to reflect that, so not much movement.

Each scene will have:

•Establishing shot of each scene. 

•master shot of each scene

•MCU's of each character. 

•Occasional scenes will have CU's of each character.

location ideas

Atholle is a small Northeastern town in the U.S. with a population of 1200.  It's mostly white with a smattering of other races thrown in.


the non-descript depressing nursing home where Stacey works. 

Her office is a windowless mess.

Stacey works in the non-descript, depressing local nursing home.

her office is similar.

nursing home.jpg

Stacey's life is a bit of a mess, and her small house based on her salary reflects this.  the exterior is not as important as the interior

staceys house.jpg

the seedy live-in motel by the side of the road

where you can rent rooms by the hour. karl lives here.


Bob's hometown house where his mother, edith, still lives

has not been re-decorated since 1984.

ediths house.jpg

Bob's former teammate marty, owns this sports themed local bar. It can be any local bar where you would go to get wings,

watch a game and is easy to film at.

local sports bar.jpg

the local high school football field, empty at night where bob drinks. I understand this could be a fortune to film like this.  If necessary, it could be shot at sunset although I'd prefer him sitting alone on the bleachers at night.

football field.jpg

the local vfw or depressing event space where

the high school reunion is held.

INT VFW 5.jpg

the cafe where chippah steals the coffee from.  can be any local coffee bar nearby to where we shoot, or the cheapest one.

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